AI-Powered Performance

AI-Powered Performance


AI-Powered Performance


1 . What are two main benefits of utilizing the Insights page? (Choose two.)
2 . Which is a strong example of a business objective that is needed to define before adopting an AI-powered solution?
3 . A local dessert chain is looking to improve its Google Ads campaign performance across its accounts. What are two ways it can use its optimization score to improve its campaigns? (Choose two.)
4 . A chain of regional bookstores is looking to drive more value from their Google Ads campaigns by creating a value-based bidding strategy for the first time. Which best practice should they follow first in order to get started?
5 . Which metric is used for value measurement?
6 . A digital marketing manager working with a national insurance provider hopes to support AI using first-party data. Before they can start using the data, what question do they need to answer?
7 . What’s the benefit of running a true A/B test with campaign experiments?
8 . What’s a best practice to follow when designing an experiment to test Performance Max campaigns?
9 . Which Smart Bidding strategy would you utilize to optimize for value?
10 . In traditional marketing organizations, how is budgeting usually handled?
11 . A digital marketing manager has chosen to upgrade keywords to broad match. Which of these behaviors should they incorporate into their routine optimization cadence in order to guide machine learning?
12 . What role do negative keywords play in a AI-powered Search strategy?
13 . How does a test-and-learn mindset help marketers find success in their AI efforts?
14 . Which of the following tools can help marketers maximize performance of a value-based bidding strategy?
15 . What’s a best practice to follow when creating a Performance Max campaign?
16 . A digital marketer has upgraded their Smart Bidding strategy to value-based bidding. Which two Google Ads tools should they use regularly? (Choose two.)
17 . What are two ways that Performance Planner can help you plan budgets? (Choose two.)
18 . What’s a best practice when building an account structure designed to improve the performance of AI-powered solutions?
19 . Why are broad match keywords so important?
20 . A digital marketing manager for a large retailer manages a fully flexible budget for their campaigns. Which best practice should they follow in order to maximize results from their flexible budget?
21 . How does uncapping budgets help to fully capture AI’s benefits?
22 . What’s an important benefit of opting into automatically applied recommendations?
23 . Which marketing behavior can be done by AI in Google Ads? (Choose three.)
24 . A digital marketing manager notices the Ad Strength rating of their Responsive Search Ads could be improved. What action can they take to improve Ad Strength?
25 . What’s the significance of conversion delay?
26 . In a fully AI-powered strategy, which of these three Search features work with one another to deliver performance?
27 . When creating a campaign experiment, which is a best practice?
28 . Which of the following available insights are designed to help advertisers discover consumer interest and category growth trends?
29 . A local automobile dealership is creating a Performance Max campaign to drive more visits to their location. Which goal should they choose when setting up a new Performance Max campaign?
30 . An online shoe retailer is looking to create a Performance Max campaign to help drive sales in their sneaker category. How should they get started with Performance Max?
31 . An advertiser’s marketing objective is to generate leads. How can they optimize their Performance Max campaigns for value?
32 . When developing image assets, which of these practices can help drive success?
33 . How can a Performance Max campaign help an ice cream shop drive more potential customers to their physical location?
34 . On a fixed annual budget, what’s an effective way to ensure that you have the budget flexibility you need to experiment with campaigns to test their effectiveness?
35 . Which value definition is commonly used in measurement strategies that are value-centric?
36 . If an organization was moving to a value-based bidding strategy for their digital marketing campaigns but needed to operate within a fixed budget, which of these Smart Bidding strategies would meet their needs?
37 . If a marketer’s goal was to drive more value from lead generation campaigns, why would value-based bidding be a viable solution?
38 . If digital leaders want to support Google’s AI, which of these steps should be their priority?
39 . Which AI-powered solution delivers the biggest channel and inventory coverage of any Google Ads campaign?
40 . What’s a strong example of a business objective that is required when adopting an AI-powered solution?
41 . How does a Performance Max campaign work to find potential customers for an advertiser?
42 . When keywords are created, what is their default match type?
43 . Which of these are two key benefits of using the Insights page? (Choose two.)
44 . What are the ways that Explanations can be used to improve the performance of campaigns?
45 . What are two ways that the Combination and Assets Report can help a marketer improve their creative assets’ performance? (Choose two.)
46 . In which two ways does the insights page help make performance evaluation workflows simpler? (Choose two.)
47 . Why are Responsive Search Ads valuable?
48 . For an online sneaker retailer trying to reach a target return metric in the upcoming year, which Smart Bidding strategy can help them meet their goals?
49 . Which is regarded to be a best practice for using Performance Planner?
50 . A marketer wants to use Google’s AI solutions to drive more value from their marketing. They know they need to fuel AI with their own privacy-safe data. Which reason describes why their data is valuable to fueling AI?

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