1 . When creating a Google App campaign, what determines a campaign bidding strategy?
2 . Why might a cosmetics company that traditionally sells products in stores promote their app?
3 . What drives impact at scale for Google App campaigns?
4 . Jason owns a productivity app and wants to expand outside of the US into Latin America. He hires a professional translation service and believes he’s ready to go as soon as the service is done. Which three steps should he consider before launching? (Choose three.)
5 . Why should marketers align with their app developer teams?
6 . What’s a benefit to gathering data about events that happen in an app?
7 . Emma is creating a new Google App campaign and working on her ad assets. Which of the following asset types is she required to manually add?
8 . Match each statement about machine learning with the related benefit of Google App campaigns
9 . Where do users spend the most time when on mobile devices?
10 . While machines deliver a variety of advantages, humans still offer their own unique skill sets. What two advantages do humans have over machines when it comes to marketing? (Choose two.)
11 . Healthy Life HQ10, a Health and wellbeing company, has both a website and an app.What are three reasons the company should consider implementing measurement solutions that connect web and app? (Choose three.)
12 . Luca’s running a Google App campaign for news publisher World News Online. Why should Luca care about the quality of World News Online’s listing on Google Play? (Choose two.)
13 . Dennis understands the importance of using an analytics solution for his app, but he doesn’t know which one to use. Which solution is Google’s best-in-class app analytics solution?
14 . What are the three tracking solutions for Google App campaigns?
15 . An education company is uploading image assets for their Google App campaign. What are three guidelines they should follow to optimize their image asset mix? (Choose three.)
16 . Which two in-app actions are examples of those relevant to the retail industry? (Choose two.)
17 . Vivian’s been put in charge of a few clients interested in running Google App campaigns. Some campaigns will use target cost-per-action (tCPA), while others use target cost-per-install (tCPI). Which two statements are correct when it comes to setting daily budgets within App campaigns? (Choose two.)
18 . What report might help identify countries in which an app is getting visitors, but isn’t yet localized?
19 . Which of these companies would be ready to start a Google App campaign focused on in-app actions?
20 . Which three skills do marketers bring to the table when working with machine learning? (Choose three.)
21 . Poppy’s setting up an App campaign, and she wants to acquire a high volume of users while also generating plenty of in-app purchases. Which of the following settings should Poppy select to achieve her marketing objective?
22 . Nicky’s account manager asked her to include minimal or no text overlay in the image assets she’s using in a Google App campaign. Why is that?
23 . What should you keep in mind when selecting events to measure in a Google App campaign?
24 . Paul asks his team to enable and report on view-through conversions in their client Google App campaigns. Why are view-through conversions important to include?
25 . Which three statements about machine learning are true? (Choose three.)
26 . Why might a shopper prefer to make a purchase using a retail app rather than a retail website?
27 . Maria completed the “Headline” section of her text assets and now needs to complete the “Description” section. Which factors must Maria consider?
28 . Tina’s an experienced account manager who enjoys overseeing the details of her Google Ads campaigns. She struggles with leaving the majority of campaign management to machine learning in App campaigns. What’s a valid reason for Tina to rely on machine learning instead of doing everything manually?
29 . What two things are essential for a Google App campaign to run smoothly and successfully? (Choose two.)
30 . How do humans and machines work as an effective team when running Google App campaigns?
31 . Machine learning automates much of a Google App campaign once it’s live. What’s one reason marketers should still be involved in the campaign after it’s launched?
32 . How do Google App campaigns help reduce the manual test-and-iterate efforts of advertisers?
33 . Canadian company Fresco Arts is planning to expand to three additional international markets within the year. Which three benefits might be likely outcomes of this plan? (Choose three.)
34 . What are the four types of ad assets available in Google App campaigns?
35 . Tom hasn’t yet released his app and he’s interested in the typical lifecycle of an app. Help him place these app lifecycle phases in the order they occur.
36 . How does machine learning in Google App campaigns benefit both marketers and users?
37 . Campaign reporting provides many metrics to assess if a campaign is performing to expectations. If an objective is getting as many new users as possible at a certain cost, what two metrics might be most important to review? (Choose two.)
38 . Why do Google App campaigns perform better when provided with a diverse portfolio of assets?
39 . What are two compelling reasons to include an app as part of a marketing strategy? (Choose two.)
40 . Kyle’s making an HTML5 asset to add to his portfolio of other asset types. According to HTML5 best practices, when should the name of his app and a visible call-to-action be positioned at the center of his ad?
41 . Brian’s in the process of adding text assets to his first ad group in a Google App campaign. What should Brian include in the Headline field of his text assets?
42 . Felix is measuring view-through conversions (VTCs) with another network, and he’s been advised to measure VTCs with Google too. Why should Felix measure VTCs with Google, in addition to the network he uses?
43 . Why should Google follow the viewability standards set by the US Media Rating Council (MRC)?
44 . What are two reasons advertisers should consider engagement when marketing apps?
45 . A large golf booking company just launched a new app, and they want to drive 50,000 installs before peak season hits. How should they set their campaign daily budget to help reach their target number of installs faster?
46 . William is an online marketing manager at an advertising agency. As William learns more about machine learning, he wants to clarify the value he still adds for his clients. What are two reasons why William can be excited about the growing impact of machine learning on marketing? (Choose two.)
47 . Which components of a Google App campaign allow marketers to reach valuable users?
48 . Which app type is the most downloaded on Google Play?
49 . For her Google App campaign, how often should Jenny replace low-performing assets with new and improved ones to prevent ad fatigue?
50 . When considering how she should localize app design and payment methods, what should Rita do first?

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