Digital marketing fundamentals

Digital marketing fundamentals


The questions and answers of Google Digital Garage, Google Digital Skills and Google Digital Unlocked and others are the same.

Please note that this file contains answers to Google Garage Quizzes of all 26 topics.

As you probably know, to access the Final Digital Garage Certification Exam you need to pass all 26 topics. With this file, you can do it very quickly, as all Q&A are listed in the same order.

In contrary to quizzes, during the Final Exam questions are always in random order. More precisely, topics are in the same order, but questions within topics are in random order. Also, there are 117 known questions and during the final exam, you get only 40 questions randomly.


1 . What can you do with audience triggers?
2 . As users engage with your website and app, how does Google Analytics measure and report distinct user interactions?
3 . To get insights into the organic search queries that are leading users to your website, you can connect Analytics with which platform?
4 . If you wanted to analyze user journeys across a website and an app, and see how new users were arriving at both, which of these techniques should you use for insights?
5 . If you want to analyze events and users across your business's website, as well as its separate apps for iOS and Android — how should you set up your account?
6 . You want to know what pages new users open most often after opening your home page, so you create a new path exploration in Explore that you plan to share with a co-worker. Who can see this new path exploration, by default?
7 . If your goal was to connect individual customers' behavior across different interactions on different platforms and devices, which Analytics feature allows you to do that by associating your own identifiers with individual customers?
8 . What data does the Realtime report show?
9 . Which section would you open in your Google Analytics property in order to find advanced techniques that can help you uncover deeper insights about your customers' engagement?
10 . If you've enabled Ads Personalization for your property but want to exclude specific events, what happens to the data for those events?
11 . You just added a feature to your website allowing users to sign up for a newsletter. Now, you want to mark new sign-up events as conversions and create an audience for people who signed up. What part of your Google Analytics 4 property helps you manage events, conversions, and audiences?
12 . You manage a retail website and customers arrive from many different places, like search engines, ads, and social media. You're interested in gaining insight into which of these is driving the most new customers and the most conversions. Which dimension shows you where your website users arrived from, such as "organic search" or "referral"?
13 . You generate a report to show how many users are coming from various device types, like computers and mobile phones, over the past 30 days. In this report, which of these is a "metric" in Google Analytics?
14 . You create a report to show the types of devices users have been coming from over the past 30 days — whether they were on desktops or mobile phones, for example. In this report, what is device type?
15 . When Google Analytics and Google Ads are linked, how can Google Ads utilize conversion events from Google Analytics?
16 . One of these attribution models distributes the credit for a conversion equally across all the channels a customer clicked or engaged with before converting. Which is it?
17 . Which of these platforms can be connected to Analytics so that you can test variants of your web pages with specifically tailored audiences?
18 . To gain insight into which pages new users open most often after they open your home page, you've created a new path exploration in Explore. What's the default setting for who can see the exploration?
19 . You create a report to show the types of devices users have been coming from over the past 30 days — whether they were on computers or mobile phones, for example. In this report, which of these is a “metric” in Google Analytics?
20 . You want to see detailed marketing campaign data by linking a new Google Ads account to your Google Analytics property. Where in your Google Analytics 4 property can you manage product links such as this one with Google Ads?
21 . You are in your Google Analytics property’s Explore section. What exploration technique should you use in order to customize metrics and dimensions in a table format?
22 . If you wanted a custom dimension that reports membership status for a customer rewards program, which of these scopes would be set?
23 . The page_view event is triggered whenever a website visitor views any page on your site. If you wanted to set up a new event to trigger when visitors land on a particular page (e.g., the homepage., which option would you choose once you’ve navigated to Events in the Google Analytics interface?
24 . There’s a section of Google Analytics that includes cards answering common questions about how users interact with your app or website. Which section is it?
25 . What do audience triggers allow you to do?
26 . When enabled, which Analytics feature associates event data it collects from users on their website or app with the Google accounts of signed-in users who have consented to sharing this information?
27 . You work for an online baseball card reseller and store data about each of your sales items offline. Which of these features would let you upload a CSV file that contains item data to join with Analytics data?
28 . Because you've set up your web data stream, your website is already feeding data to your Google Analytics property. You notice that enhanced measurement is enabled for the web data stream. What happens when this setting is enabled?
29 . When Google Ads is linked to Google Analytics, how can it leverage audiences from Google Analytics?
30 . Which of these exploration techniques helps you visualize the steps your users take toward a key task or conversion and see how well they are succeeding or failing at each step?
31 . What do you need to implement first in order to start gathering insights for your website to be reported via Google Analytics?
32 . You collect data on your point-of-sale system that could complement the data you are sending to Google Analytics from your website and app. Which of these features allows you to collect and send events directly to Google Analytics servers?
33 . Some of the events on your website are especially valuable to you — things like purchases or newsletter sign-ups. If you wanted to mark these events as important and assign a value to them, what mark should you assign to them in your Google Analytics 4 property?
34 . You have a website and want to start gathering and reporting insights for it in Google Analytics. What should you set up first?
35 . Which of these features lets you control how long user-level and event-level data is stored by Google Analytics?
36 . You are setting up Google Analytics and are asked to set up a data stream as part of the process. Which of these describes a data stream?
37 . You're using Google Analytics for your website. In which situation could you use the Engagement overview report?
38 . You would like to export your Google Analytics data to BigQuery to run queries and combine some of your offline data with Analytics data. What type of Analytics property can export data to BigQuery?
39 . If you had an event on your website triggered by a user watching a video, which of these definitions could be considered an example event parameter?
40 . You want to know how various ads you've placed work together on the path to conversions. Where in your Google Analytics 4 property can you find the "Conversion paths" report?
41 . How does Google Analytics measure and report distinct user interactions when a Google Analytics 4 property exists on a mobile app and website?
42 . Which attribution model uses machine learning algorithms to distribute credit for a conversion across different touchpoints?
43 . You have a mobile app and want to collect and send data from the app to your Google Analytics 4 property. Which of these should you use?
44 . To understand how many users are coming from various devices, like desktops or mobile phones, you run a report that shows this data, per device, over the past 30 days. In this report, what is device type?
45 . Which of these structures represents a Google Analytics account's hierarchy?
46 . You manage an eCommerce site and are creating new audiences to segment users in ways that are important to your business, like users who've made a purchase. Which of these is an example of a predictive audience?
47 . If you wanted to create a new data set with a wide view of your business across brands, products, or regions by combining data from multiple-source properties, which Analytics 360 feature would you use?
48 . Which Google Analytics feature relies on machine learning for measuring conversions that can't be spotted through direct observation?
49 . When you've enabled Ads Personalization for your property, but want specific events excluded, what happens with the data for those excluded events?
50 . If you wanted to filter data and create a new data set for a specific use case or audience, which Analytics 360 feature would you use?

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