Grow Offline Sales

Grow Offline Sales


Grow Offline Sales


1 . Which of these engagements would be reported as local actions?
2 . At a minimum, how often should you update your local product inventory feed?
3 . Which of these are considered Offline Sales approaches? Choose three.
4 . How many Google Opinion Rewards participants volunteer for panels that validate store visits?
5 . For which of these scenarios would a store-centric approach be useful?
6 . What’s the benefit of utilizing pickup later?
7 . When creating a Performance Max for store goals campaign, which manual input would you need to provide?
8 . What’s an action Omnichannel customers take when deciding to make a purchase?
9 . Which attribute do you need to have for a product inventory feed?
10 . What’s a priority for the store marketing or traditional marketing team?
11 . When might you use an omnichannel shopping campaign approach?
12 . What’s the purpose of Google Merchant Center?
13 . Which calculation would tell you the value of a store visit to your business?
14 . What may happen if you optimize towards online conversions only?
15 . Which practice is recommended for setting up a Performance Max for omnichannel goals campaign?
16 . In which of these situations would an affiliate location extension be appropriately used?
17 . Which location data source requires you to set up an account and link it to Google Ads?
18 . As far as budget and time are concerned, which of these is the recommended practice?
19 . In which two ways is Performance Max for omnichannel goals different from Smart Shopping Campaigns (SSC)? Choose two.
20 . If you were developing an online-to-offline strategy, which of these options would help you engage with your team?
21 . Which of these benefits are associated with Local Inventory Ads?
22 . Which advertising channel is considered an offline (traditional) channel?
23 . Shoppers consistently interact with a product or service multiple times online before making a purchase in a physical store. Taking that into consideration, how should you approach your omnichannel strategy?
24 . What is a geo-based experiment?
25 . For which of these industries would Performance Max for store goals be useful? Choose three.
26 . You recently released a new line of energy drinks with plans to sell them at a popular big-box retailer. What extension should you use when setting up your Performance Max for store goals campaign?
27 . Which of these campaign objectives would you establish for a Performance Max for store goals campaign?
28 . What information is displayed using location extensions linked through a Google Business Profile?
29 . You work on the store marketing team for a small hardware company with 10 franchise locations. Each franchisee has a budget they want to use towards promoting their location and driving in-store traffic. What recommendation would you make?
30 . You run a small skateboard accessories shop and want to learn about customers’ journeys from ad engagement to in-store visit. Which metric should you use?
31 . When is it recommended to use a location extension over an affiliate location extension?
32 . Which of these methods would help you test a manual bidding strategy against an omnichannel Smart Bidding campaign?
33 . Which of these definitions describes incrementality?
34 . Which method can you use to determine if an ad drove incremental results?
35 . You own a small music shop and want to create a product-specific landing page as required by Local Inventory Ads. Which of these features would allow you to advertise your products on Local Inventory Ads?
36 . How are store visits measured?
37 . In addition to store visits, what input would you need to gauge store sales?
38 . Machine learning models are the basis for much of Performance Max’s feature-optimization. Which three features still need to be added manually? Choose two.
39 . What’s a key benefit of Performance Max for in-store goals?
40 . There’s an upcoming weekend sale that you want to promote using creatives. What would you recommend?
41 . In which scenario would you use a store-centric approach?
42 . A large retailer’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) wants to revise the company’s marketing strategy by incorporating online and offline KPIs. Historically, the teams have worked in silos. What are three things the CMO should do when they create a holistic online-to-offline strategy? Choose three.
43 . If you were looking to promote an upcoming weekend sale using creatives, which recommendation should you follow?
44 . What is the recommended budget and time to run your Performance Max for store goals campaign?
45 . You’re interested in omnibidding, but realize that some categories are offline only. Which of these omnibidding setups is optimal?
46 . After you upload the local product inventory feed and set a feed schedule, what should you do next?
47 . Even though many of Performance Max’s features are optimized via machine learning, some need to be added manually. Which of these features need to be added manually? Choose two.
48 . Which of these automation tools is useful for optimizing Sitelinks?
49 . When you use location extensions linked through a Google Business Profile, what information is displayed?
50 . How is Performance Max for omnichannel goals different from Smart Shopping Campaigns (SSC)? Choose two responses.

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