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1 . According to the training, what are the three primary ways Growth-Driven Design can impact client results versus traditional web design?
2 . Which of the following is NOT a way Growth-Driven Design impacts your agency?
3 . Choose the option below that best summarizes how to develop your pricing and packaging for the strategy stage.
4 . Which of the following are the two major workshops to host during the strategy stage?
5 . Which of the following best describes why it’s important to involve a strategist from the service team in sales conversations when scoping and pricing a launch pad website?
6 . According to the training, how should you develop pricing for high-, medium-, and low-impact pages on the launch pad website quote?
7 . What is the purpose of the “GDD Starter”? package?
8 . As you build larger packages, which two steps of the sprint cycle should you increase the majority of the effort in?
9 . Imagine you have been talking to a prospect at the mid-sized software as a service (SaaS) company. Their website only has three major sections: primary core content, knowledge base, and forum. When talking to them in the sales process it seems there is some confusion around who their audience is and what would be the best elements to include on their redesign. Based on the scenario above, how would you break up the quote?
10 . What is the minimum recommended length of a Growth-Driven Design engagement?
11 . Which of the following is NOT part of the new mindset for thinking about a website?
12 . Why is it important to sell Growth-Driven Design differently?
13 . True or False? Although it may require adaptations, all companies and websites are a good-fit for Growth-Driven Design?
14 . Which of the following is a great example of a cue to look for in potential GDD leads?
15 . Based on the training, how many good leads will you need to source at the top of your funnel to close your first GDD deal?
16 . Imagine you are on a “connect”? call with a prospect in the manufacturing industry. You discover their leadership team has historically taken a very traditional mindset towards the website and their marketing. Knowing this, what will be one key outcome for you to achieve in this connect call?
17 . You’re hosting an exploratory call with a regional trucking company who came to you interested in a website redesign. Which of the following questions would be best to help set the stage for positioning Growth-Driven Design later in the sales process?
18 . Which of the following is NOT an effective way to open the eyes of the prospect to the opportunities they are missing out on with their website?
19 . Imagine you’re having an “explore”? call with a prospect in the software as a service industry. As you’re explaining the GDD process, the CMO cuts in and explains he is confused on why there is a need for a launch pad website and continuous improvement. Which of the following would be a good way to respond?
20 . Imagine you’re talking to a prospect in the goals and planning call. You’ve introduced the concepts and high-level GDD process. The prospect seems to be in agreement and is excited about getting started with the launch pad website. As the conversation progresses, they bring up more and more pages and ideas for the new site – making you a bit nervous. Which of the following is the best way to gain a better understanding of the scope of the launch pad they are thinking about?
21 . True or false? Your agency’s strategist should be included in sales conversations.
22 . Fill in the blank: When creating your sales pitch and proposal, it’s important to make it clear that you’re selling __________ and __________, not _____________.
23 . Which of the following is NOT a client service outcome your service team should achieve in the strategy stage?
24 . Imagine you are a strategist at a Growth-Driven Design agency. The last few months you have noticed new clients getting frustrated during the strategy stage because your team continuously asked questions they already reviewed with the sales team. Which of the following should your team try experimenting with to improve the client experience?
25 . During your weekly retrospective you suggest the idea of adding a step before the initial kickoff workshop: meetings with each stakeholder individually. The agency’s owner pushes back hard, explaining that it would add a great deal of time to the engagement. Which of the following would be the BEST response?
26 . Your agency finds that you’re continuously being pulled into implementing updates on the website, leaving no time for proactive continuous improvement. The client is open to learning the skills and tools required to make the updates. However, they have no idea what they should learn. Which of the following should be done to help the client start taking over all updates on the website?
27 . Based on the training, which of the following is the most important consideration when building a launch pad website?
28 . Which of the following is NOT a client service outcome in the launch pad stage?
29 . Imagine your agency specializes in Growth-Driven Design strategy and user experience. You have partnered with another agency to help with the development work on the HubSpot CMS. As a strategist and project manager, which of the following is critical for you to establish before you start a new launch pad website project?
30 . Which of the following tactics should be integrated into the conversations early and often when talking with clients about their launch pad websites?
31 . Imagine you’re working on a client’s launch pad website. Three weeks from the proposed launch date, the client comes to you with an idea for a new section of the website they would like to implement for the initial launch. How should the strategist respond to the client’s new idea?
32 . Which of the following is NOT a client service outcome your service team should work to achieve in the continuous improvement stage?
33 . Imagine you are just finishing the launch pad website for a client. The CEO isn’t sure what will be done in the continuous improvement stage. They request a detailed plan for the remainder of the engagement (six months) on exactly what will be built. Which of the following is the best way to respond to this request?
34 . True or false – It’s important to incorporate as many “hacks”? and “best practices”? into your website as they have already been proven to work.
35 . Imagine you’re working with the CMO at a telecommunications company. The theme for the quarter is “Optimize”? and your team is currently focusing on “personalization”?. In the monthly planning workshop, your client requests your team to create a video for the “About Us”? page because the company’s CEO thought it would help improve the page. Which of the following is the best question to ask in order keep focused on the current theme and focus area?
36 . Your team is in month fifteen of continuous improvement with a manufacturing company. Your current theme is “Expand”? and you’re team is focusing on building new “Digital Products”? onto their website. Your client is pushing to have your team to create a new “team member profile”? template and add all the company’s team members into the about us section. Which of the following would be the BEST option to complete their request while still making progress on the initial goals.
37 . Which of the following best describes the purpose of reporting with Growth-Driven Design clients?
38 . Fill in the blank: The weekly pulse is a ________ sent out _________ designed to keep everyone involved on top of ____________.
39 . When is the best time to start the renewal conversation?
40 . True or False? It is critical to have a robust, exciting wishlist leading up to the renewal conversation.
41 . Which action best describes how your team should present the science fair action items?
42 . Imagine you’re in an agency leadership team meeting discussing how to better manage client cancellations, renewals, and upgrades. The challenge your team is running into is that you’re never sure what the client is planning to do until the last minute. This is causing the sales team to scramble to find another sale, work to fill gaps in service team capacity, and making it nearly impossible to accurately forecast future cash flow. Which would be the BEST suggestion to help solve this challenge?
43 . When the strategist is running the planning workshop, which of the following is a great practice to encourage the client to upgrade to a larger engagement package?
44 . True or false? Building incentives into the service team member’s compensation packages can be a good tactic to help drive upgrades and cross-selling.
45 . Which of the following is a great tactic to incorporate into your process to encourage upgrades and cross-selling?
46 . True or false? Most agencies find success in fully implementing Growth-Driven Design exactly as taught in the certification and implementing everything at once.
47 . Imagine your entire agency has committed to adopting Growth-Driven Design as it’s core web design strategy. The leadership team is pushing to implement the entire GDD methodology in the next two weeks. Which of the following statements would be the best advice to give to your leadership team?
48 . Your team wants to make the transition to Growth-Driven Design. However, your leadership team is worried about selling a service your team has never implemented. Which of the following is NOT a good suggestion for your leadership team?
49 . Fill in the blank: Based on the training, the recommended three person pod consists of a __________.
50 . Fill in the blank: Based on the training, the recommended pod for implementing Growth-Driven Design consists of ___________.

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