1 . By opting into the HubSpot Reporting Certification beta content, you agree to:
2 . Fill in the blank: Key results (KRs) are __________.
3 . True or false: When presenting data, you need to give your audience a debrief on all the data you’ve uncovered. That way, they have the fullest context for making data-driven decisions.
4 . What are examples of data-driven decision-making? Select all that apply.
5 . True or false: Data visualization is the only skill you need to be able to effectively report on your business.
6 . Fill in the blank: Objects are _____________.
7 . Fill in the blank: Events ___________.
8 . Fill in the blank: Data cleansing is the process__________.
9 . Which tools are NOT part of the HubSpot reporting suite?
10 . What is data visualization?
11 . Fill in the blank: The purpose of funnel reports is to analyze:___________.
12 . Fill in the blank: The purpose of the HubSpot reports library is to help you: ___________.
13 . Fill in the blank: The silo mentality is ___________.
14 . Fill in the blank: Exit rate shows the percentage of sessions _________.
15 . What do sessions track?
16 . Fill in the blank: UTM parameters _____________.
17 . When a contact has an original source of “other campaigns” in HubSpot, that means the contact first accessed your site through:
18 . What is sales enablement?
19 . Why are leading indicators considered “manageable” metrics?
20 . Which of the following is an example of a leading indicator?
21 . Which of the following is an example of a lagging indicator?
22 . Fill in the blanks: You can analyze the performance of ____, ____, and ____ in the Sales Content Analytics.
23 . Customer satisfaction surveys in HubSpot track which customer sentiment metric?
24 . True or false? It is possible for non-SaaS companies to track the renewal rate.
25 . Which customer sentiment metric is the strongest predictor of future purchase behavior?
26 . What is a cadence?
27 . What are blink tests used for?
28 . When would you build a dashboard with the Z-shaped reading pattern in mind?
29 . What is backward planning?
30 . True or false? Correlation does not equal causation.
31 . Fill in the blank: If a person already has their mind made up and they are only paying attention to the data that supports this decision, this is an example of __________ bias.
32 . Fill in the blank: ______ enables companies to identify new business opportunities, predict future trends, and optimize current operational efforts.
33 . True or false? The majority of people are willing to continue communications with a brand, even if they receive irrelevant promotions.
34 . Fill in the blanks: Tail winds are to ________ : as headwinds are to _________. Forces, friction. Friction, force.Ships, force.
35 . The Golden Circle is a framework invented by Simon Sinek that helps organizations:
36 . Why is having a strong sense of purpose important for a business? Select all that apply.
37 . Fill in the blank: SWOT analysis is ________
38 . Fill in the blank: Competitive intelligence is ________.
39 . What happens during operational planning?
40 . What happens during strategic planning?
41 . SMART goals are:
42 . Fill in the blank: When making data-driven decisions, objectives are statements ________.
43 . Fill in the blank: Integrations are ___________.
44 . What are APIs?
45 . What are the advantages to native integrations? Select all that apply.
46 . What are the best ways to find out more about APIs and their potential use cases? Select all that apply.
47 . What is the HubSpot App Marketplace?
48 . What are the benefits of running regular tech stack audits? Select all that apply.
49 . What is the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program?
50 . On average, how many apps do mid-sized businesses use?

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