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Campaign Manager 360


1 . Your sunglasses retail chain client would like to start running mobile ads in their current campaign. Some creatives are already optimized for mobile and may already appear across mobile websites. What’s the first thing to check within their Campaign Manager 360 account to verify that these ads serve?
2 . You’re working with a dairy brand who is adding new ice cream flavors as part of their offerings. They’d like to use mobile in-app advertising, but they want to be sure that these ads direct their audience to the in-app landing page for the new ice cream. Which tool in Campaign Manager 360 is the right one for this objective?
3 . While working on your ad campaign and looking over a diverse selection of creatives, you look for a product that works with Campaign Manager 360 that can help you integrate these creatives. Which product should you choose?
4 . After looking over a report in Campaign Manager 360 about a client’s new campaign, you observe that the default ads run more frequently than the new ads for the campaign. What may be the reason for this happening?
5 . In Campaign Manager 360, you’ve just set up your client, a coffee store chain, with separate child advertisers. What’s the next step you should take to prepare their account?
6 . Your client, a national cleaning supplies business, is about to spin off a new subsidiary that you’ll also work with. How will you organize their Campaign Manager 360 network, so that they’re able to separate their business units and maintain a holistic overview of the company?
7 . In what situation would you use the video impressions or video starts metric from Campaign Manager 360?
8 . Within Campaign Manager 360, what are the components within each campaign?
9 . Within Campaign Manager 360, what type of Verification settings will tell you if your ad ran beside content not suitable for your brand?
10 . Your colleague has a campaign running across multiple platforms including mobile web, mobile app, and desktop web. When they review their campaign, they notice that mobile-specific metrics aren’t appearing. What could be the reason for this error?
11 . You’re working with a car manufacturer that is looking to set up a campaign within Campaign Manager 360. They’ve just had their Campaign Manager 360 network created. What steps, in order, should you take to set up their campaign?
12 . Your client wants to set transcoding for their upcoming campaign that includes in-stream video creatives. At what Campaign Manager 360 hierarchy is transcoding set for in-stream video creatives?
13 . A marketer for an online pet food store is about to launch an ad campaign using Campaign Manager 360. Which order of processes should they expect for their campaign after launch?
14 . An online travel-planning startup wants to serve ads that would be a good fit for both desktop and mobile devices. Which technology is best-suited to support them achieving that goal?
15 . Your store is launching a mobile app to promote website development services. You offer a discount if customers download the app in-store and use the app to purchase a design package. You’d also like the website traffic driven to the mobile site and then have the mobile site traffic sent to the store for the discount. What process should you follow in Campaign Manager 360 to split up your traffic to achieve this goal?
16 . When scheduling creatives within Campaign Manager 360, what’s one thing you need to do to make sure an appropriate ad will run every time?
17 . A national sneaker company wants to see if their ad appeared outside of the geographic target. What’s a good way to view metrics for the geographic brand safety target?
18 . A workout clothing retail chain wants to place ads for a mobile campaign that focuses on reaching mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Which ad placement option would be outside the scope of that campaign objective?
19 . Which types of digital marketing roles most commonly use Campaign Manager 360?
20 . An agency is building a mobile ad campaign with their client who wants their ads to serve to a current-generation browser. To meet their goal, which ad inventory option should they use?
21 . You’re a marketer promoting your company’s new line of juice smoothies. In Campaign Manager 360, what level in the account settings should you go to make sure the ads serve only in locations in line with your brand?
22 . Your new bookstore client is running a campaign for its new training series that kicks off with a how-to brochure. They’re using a counter tag within their Floodlight tags in Campaign Manager 360. Which counting method should you use if you want to measure how many users downloaded the brochure?
23 . You’re an agency account executive working with a new games app developer. They’ve been running ads across in-app inventory and mobile web. To find out about purchases in both platforms, which report should you check on?
24 . Which Floodlight feature makes it possible to measure specific elements on a webpage at the time of a conversion event?
25 . Your client, who owns a vegan foods online store, is ready to roll out a video campaign. They only have companion ads ready to serve. What would you advise them to do?
26 . A manager at an advertising agency works with several clients across different categories. How should they organize their Campaign Manager 360 instance(s) to make certain there’s simple transferability?
27 . Where in the Google Marketing Platform can you manage connections across its products?
28 . You’re developing new creatives to begin an ad campaign for your sign-making company. When you serve the creatives, which set of steps best fit the process?
29 . A national pet food store is running a campaign across desktop, mobile phones, and tablets. They want to determine which devices their ads have appeared on. Which report should they review?
30 . A fitness apparel brand is launching a new line of high-impact workout attire. They want to report on how many new and unique users are purchasing their items and are being reached by their media campaigns. Which reports should they be reviewing?
31 . A realtor would like to add a 1280×720 MP4 video ad placement to their new In-Stream Video campaign. To include this video format and resolution in their campaign, what step should they take?
32 . Your client’s campaign is ready to run across four publishers, each with their own video creative specifications. Two accept only MOV-transcoded creatives, with one accepting only 640×480 dimensions or larger; one accepts no companion ads; and the fourth hasn’t sent specifications. How should you traffic this campaign?
33 . An agency account executive reviews an account within Campaign Manager 360. What account components would the executive see?
34 . An electric company wants to advertise their business within several Android apps. After developing the campaign in Campaign Manager 360 and assigning creatives, there’s an error occurring. What may have caused the error?
35 . You want to figure out users’ ability to view their video ads. Which Campaign Manager 360 metric will allow you this insight?
36 . Your client, a music studio, has asked you to share specific video campaigns metrics with them. To meet this request, you’ll show them the number of times users turned down the sound on their video and the number of times users restarted their video ad. Which two rich media metrics from Campaign Manager 360 would help you meet this request?
37 . You want to expand your ad campaign into video ads using Campaign Manager 360. What types of video ad creatives do you discover you can use?
38 . You’ve worked with your client, a pottery company, to get their campaign ready. In Campaign Manager 360, what will you need to do make sure their creatives serve to a major arts and crafts community site?
39 . Your salon client is launching a new video campaign with most of the information airing at the :25 mark. You want to see how many times that message was viewed. Which video metric should you review within Campaign Manager 360 reporting?
40 . You’re working on a new ad campaign for your photography supplies business. You use Campaign Manager 360 and want to work with a Google solution to measure app conversions, and you’re also comfortable with coding. Which solution should you select that meets your needs?
41 . You’re about to present an ad campaign to a client and want to include the core platform integrations in Campaign Manager 360 as part of the pitch. Which platforms would you include in that presentation?
42 . A fitness equipment company is setting up their campaign and is ready to upload creatives to be hosted in Campaign Manager 360. Which three options are available to them to use?
43 . You decide to add Floodlight tags to your campaign in Campaign Manager 360. What will these tags do?
44 . A carpet sales retailer is rolling out a new line of carpeting and would like to advertise their video ads within home furnishings inventory. Before they set up their campaign in Campaign Manager 360, what’s the first step they should take?
45 . Your colleague works with a pet food client who is running an in-stream video campaign through Campaign Manager 360. They’re wondering when they should activate default ad placements. What’s the right advice to tell them?
46 . You’re working with your client, a hiking goods retailer, on the launch of a new backpack. You choose to use the Attribution Modeling Tool to make sure that you’re properly crediting each step of the customer journey that helped them to buy the backpack. Which attribution model will help you reach this objective?
47 . A furniture company wants to start using Campaign Manager 360 to start advertising across mobile platforms, focusing primarily on smartphones. Which scenario represents a consideration to bear in mind for advertising on a smartphone?
48 . Your client would like to measure how many new users are seeing their campaign. They’d like to view this on a spreadsheet emailed daily. Which Campaign Manager 360 measurement feature should you use to meet their request?
49 . A marketing manager for a German food brand is finalizing the campaign for a new product launch. Who should the manager reach out to in the company to share the Campaign Manager 360 tags with advertisers?
50 . A marketer is scheduling creatives for their upcoming campaign in Campaign Manager 360. What is one thing they need to do to ensure an ad will run every time?

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