Delivering Client Success

Delivering Client Success


Delivering Client Success


1 . Which of the following should you review with your client during your goal setting workshop?
2 . True or false? You should set up a meeting with your client to go through your content audit findings and recommendations.
3 . Why is it so important to show your client quick wins?
4 . You’re in the process of identifying the content your client currently has. Which of the following should you include in this audit?
5 . Asking questions to determine a piece of content’s format, age, and accuracy happens during which step of a content audit?
6 . True or false? Most clients won’t have much content to review. Therefore, you should only provide a content audit for clients who you know have a lot of content on their website.
7 . Your new client is a travel company that helps businesses set up company team building activities and retreats. While conducting your content audit, you find a printed brochure with pricing details and customer testimonials. How should you evaluate the performance of this content?
8 . True or false? You should only have the CEO, CMO, and the main point of contact complete the stakeholder questionnaire.
9 . Which of the following questions will help you understand your client’s soft goals?
10 . You’re in the process of goal setting with your client and they tell you they haven’t been tracking data. How should you proceed?
11 . Fill in the blanks: An example of a ________ goal is to grow revenue this quarter by 10%. While developing a new service offering in the next year is an example of a ________ goal.
12 . The goals you set with your client should be all of the following, EXCEPT:
13 . Fill in the blanks: A strategy plan should ALWAYS be linked to your client’s ___________.
14 . All of the following are reasons why a strategy plan is important, EXCEPT:
15 . Which of the following documents BEST helps guide your strategy plan for your client?
16 . True or false? You should wait to give your client the buyer persona questionnaire until you hold an in-person workshop. You don’t want their answers to be influenced by others on their team, or by external research.
17 . What are the four main items to highlight in your strategy plan?
18 . True or false? It’s important for your client to sign-off on the persona document.
19 . What should you do with your client’s ideas for work that are outside of the original project scope?
20 . Your monthly reports should be all the following EXCEPT:
21 . True or false? During your quarterly review meeting, it’s okay if things haven’t gone 100% as planned. However, only highlight things that didn’t go well to your client if it was something out of your agency’s control.

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