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1 . A grouping of technologies that marketers leverage to conduct and improve their marketing activities” is the definition of what term?
2 . You should conduct buyer persona interviews with all of the following people EXCEPT:
3 . Why are chatbots a great tool for strategically using marketing automation and AI?
4 . Cobbling together software parts that do not all use the same database increases the risk of what?
5 . Developing a content distribution goal begins with identifying the purpose behind your distribution efforts. Which questions can help you identify your purpose? Select all that apply.
6 . Fill in the blank. Behavioral marketing empowers your ability as a marketer to personalize your customers’ experience. Personalization is about creating _______.
7 . Fill in the blank. Explicit segmentation is synonymous with ______.
8 . Fill in the blank; In the concept, “fire bullets, then cannonballs,” bullets represent ————, while cannonball represent ————.
9 . Fill in the blank: Most tools require you have a confidence threshold of ————, in order to declare a winner in an A/B test.
10 . Fill in the blank. As an inbound marketer, you don’t just want your touchpoints to be efficient, you want them to be __________.
11 . Fill in the blank. Effective segmentation identifies where your customers are in the , and assists your customers in taking the appropriate next step in their.
12 . Fill in the blank. Marketing automation is a software platform designed to help marketers automate _______ tasks.
13 . How can audience segmentation enhance your inbound marketing efforts?
14 . How can you balance multiple content distribution goals?
15 . How can you ensure your blog content initiates action? Select all that apply.
16 . How can you ensure your content drives action?
17 . How can you ensure your podcast content initiates action? Select all that apply.
18 . How can you ensure your video content initiates actions? Select all that apply.
19 . How can you refine your content distribution strategy?
20 . How does the full path attribution model calculate credit?
21 . How does the linear attribution model calculate credit?
22 . How many buyer persona interviews should you aim to complete?
23 . If you don’t have time to conduct thorough research about your target audience’s preferred channels, what is a helpful way to gather information?
24 . Leveraging the data that’s already accessible to you is a part of which step of implementing behavioral marketing and customer segmentation?
25 . Selecting a web analytics tool would be a part of which step of implementing behavioral marketing and customer segmentation?
26 . The following content distribution goal is missing a SMART goal element. What is missing? // Since we generated 300 leads from our previous e-Book, we want to generate 400 leads when we promote our next e-Book. This will support our inbound marketing initiatives to increase our number of qualified leads this year.
27 . True or False? An effective content distribution strategy is all about getting your content in front of the most people.
28 . True or false? Behavioral marketing and customer segmentation can help you rectify your mistakes and rebuild trust effectively.
29 . True or False? Buyer personas can help you identify your target audience’s preferred content distribution channels.
30 . True or false? It’s appropriate to offer monetary incentives for buyer persona interviews.
31 . True or false? Segmentation is a process that helps you understand your leads and customers better, and behavioral marketing is how you categorize them based on the understanding you gain.
32 . True or false: The “independent variable” in an A/B test is the control or the variation that remains unchanged.
33 . True or False? The most effective way to initiate a buyer persona interview request is through a phone call.
34 . True or False? This is an example of a person in the decision stage of their buyer’s journey. // Dog-owner Dia is struggling to walk their dog in their neighborhood. Their dog struggles with obedience and anxiety when approaching new dogs. They’re looking for a local dog trainer that provides obedience training and can socialize their dog to overcome its anxiety. Dia uses Yelp to compare local dog trainers.
35 . True or false? Using people’s information in inbound marketing is not inherently unethical.
36 . True or False? When conducting buyer persona interviews, make sure to include your colleagues who were involved in the sales process.
37 . True or False? You should have at least 3 buyer personas.
38 . Try to uncover all of the following during a buyer persona interview EXCEPT:
39 . Using software to enroll every person who downloads a specific ebook into a month-long email campaign is an example of what?
40 . What are some ways you can deliver personalized experiences to your visitors? Select all that apply.
41 . What is a buyer persona?
42 . What is a marketing experiment?
43 . Fill in the blank: A negative persona is a person who_______.
44 . What is the difference between the buyer’s journey and customer journey?
45 . What question can help define your awareness stage?
46 . What question can help define your consideration stage?
47 . What role can a CRM play in effective martech stack?
48 . What step should you always incorporate into your content creation workflow?
49 . What types of questions can marketing attribution answer? Select all that apply.
50 . When implementing marketing automation and AI into your internal processes, journey mapping can be helpful to which aspect?

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