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Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing


1 . Fill in the blank: To keep your content calendar agile, it shouldn’t extend more than ___________.
2 . Fill in the blank: ________ refers to how well a document matches a search query.
3 . Which of the following is an example of a video in the attract stage?
4 . Fill in the blank: The following sentence is an example of ____________ voice? “The grocery shopping was done by your father.”
5 . When auditing your social media content, what questions should you be looking to answer? Choose all that apply.
6 . Having an understanding of what you’re trying to achieve is the most important part of creating high-performing emails. What theme does this correlate to?
7 . Fill in the blank: Words like “free” or “percent off” may not trigger spam filters for your email, but could ___________.
8 . What is the benefit of including ad extensions in your search ads?
9 . If you have a keyword set to broad match, but you want to select specific keywords that must be included in the search query for your ad to be displayed, what would you use?
10 . How could this sentence be corrected to cut out fluffy words? "I really just want to go to the arcade to play games in order to have fun."
11 . Fill in the blank: A keyword set to _____ match type will display your ad if the search term contains the same order of the words, but it can also contain additional words.
12 . To help increase awareness for an upcoming product launch, your manager increases paid promotion funds by 300%. Which channels could you disperse these funds to?
13 . Which KPI is most likely to be a vanity metric?
14 . True or false? You should post the same message across all of your social channels.
15 . Which of the following is an example of a video in the delight stage?
16 . All of the following are attributes of a content creation workflow EXCEPT:
17 . All of the following impact a website’s ability to rank on a search engine results page EXCEPT:
18 . What are the three stages of the buyer’s journey?
19 . True or false? A content offer is something you create and publish in exchange for personal information, like an email address and a name.
20 . You asked your colleague to provide feedback on a blog post you recently wrote. When they sent you their feedback, they made edits directly in the doc. Is this a best practice for a content editing process?
21 . What can you do to make a headline more compelling?
22 . True or false? Your content creation framework should stay consistent over time.
23 . True or false? A benefit of organic content promotion is the ability to develop and deliver highly targeted content to consumers who will find the content most relevant.
24 . True or false? You should use a consistent naming system to store and easily identify hosted files.
25 . True or false? If you want to produce great content, then you need to hire an in-house content creator.
26 . Fill in the blank: When creating a headline for your content, you should come up with ___________ different headlines.
27 . True or false? Effective writers start by filling in the main points of their content and save writing the introduction and conclusion for after they’ve written their piece.
28 . True or false? When possible, you should try and use extensive vocabulary in your writing.
29 . True or false? Never use acronyms in your writing.
30 . Which network has the longest life for a piece of content?
31 . On which social network should you share content most frequently?
32 . What does CRM stand for?
33 . There are three key components to sending the right email. Two of them are the right email and the right time. What is the third?
34 . What occurs during the attract stage of the inbound methodology?
35 . When does the engage stage of the inbound methodology begin?
36 . What is the purpose of the delight stage of the inbound methodology?
37 . Fill in the blanks: Tail winds are to ________ : as headwinds are to _________.
38 . What is the difference between a brand keyword and a non-brand keyword?
39 . Fill in the blank: A keyword set to _____ match type will display your ad if the search term includes that keyword, or a very close variation.
40 . Which of the following represents an exact match keyword?
41 . Which of the following represents a phrase match keyword?
42 . Which of the following represents a broad match keyword?
43 . What symbol would you use to add a broad match modifier?
44 . What symbol would you use to add a negative keyword?
45 . True or false: Quality score is an algorithm that scores each of your search ads on spelling and grammar.
46 . From top to bottom, what should your search account structure hierarchy look like?
47 . How many ad extensions should you include in your search ads?
48 . The inbound methodology is meant to support which business functions?
49 . Scenario: Kyle is in a new role and looking to upskill, so he goes to Google to do some research. He finds a search engine listing that piques his interest and clicks it. He’s taken to a blog post on your site. He reads the post and sees there’s a content offer. He’s interested, but not sure he’s ready to give his information for it just yet. Below the offer, he sees a chatbot asking if he needs help so he clicks it to start a conversation. Which stage of the inbound methodology is Kyle in?
50 . What does it mean to have an inbound approach to doing business?

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