Content Ownership

Content Ownership


Content Ownership


1 . What is an effective strategy for avoiding copyright issues on YouTube?
2 . Which accurately describes how copyright applies to a remix or mashup?
3 . Someone at your company is unfamiliar with how YouTube defines the term “asset.” How would you describe it to them?
4 . What three metrics can help you assess performance?
5 . What is a prerequisite to using SFTP or the Aspera Dropbox delivery method?
6 . Which upload method is recommended for uploading or updating a few videos per week?
7 . Which of the following is an asset type?
8 . Which is a benefit of filtering data for analysis?
9 . Which of the following is true of Content ID?
10 . How can an administrator exercise control over whether users can see revenue reports?
11 . If a content owner deactivates a reference file, it will:
12 . When is a user video scanned by Content ID to see if it matches any delivered reference material?
13 . What is a benefit of managing your content with SFTP or the Aspera Dropbox solution?
14 . What feature or filter can help you investigate why two videos of the same length have different audience retention metrics?
15 . In order to claim uploaded videos, what is the first step in the Content ID workflow for a partner, after verifying rights?
16 . Which two policy settings will activate the following: Monetize uploaded content on your channel and Track all user uploads?
17 . What form of expression is not subject to copyright?
18 . Why is it important to review potentially invalid reference content?
19 . You have an asset ownership conflict because you accidentally declared ownership for Canada. What should you do?
20 . What might make an account be eligible for access to Content Manager?
21 . Which metric can provide the best insights into channel performance?
22 . What form of expression is subject to copyright?
23 . Which kind of content is eligible as a Content ID reference file?
24 . Which pattern might channels that monetize content often see at the start of a new calendar year?
25 . Which watch time report will tell you where on the web viewers are finding your content?
26 . What is a method to create a reference file from a new or unclaimed video?
27 . How would you specify which types of advertisements YouTube displays for a video?
28 . Partner BritFlix owns a movie in the UK. Your company owns a TV show which features a clip from the movie and creates a reference. What should you do with your reference file?
29 . What are the implications of selecting the claim option "block outside ownership"?
30 . A partner decides to block user-uploaded videos. What happens to a user-uploaded video that matches the policy?
31 . What is an asset composed of?
32 . How would you explain a policy to a partner who wants to control their content on YouTube?
33 . What is a reason to update assets if your ownership rights change in some territories?
34 . Which of the following types of content should NEVER be enabled for matching?
35 . What is an example of a non-music asset type?
36 . After how many days does a pending claim expire?
37 . .What are the implications of having the wrong match policy or no policy set on your assets?
38 . What can you do to avoid partner strikes for copyright violations?
39 . How does copyright apply to a cover song?
40 . What are the usage rights for music selected from YouTube’s Audio Library?
41 . A partner hosts a YouTube talk show called "Cat Chat." One episode consists of the host's 10-minute interview with a veterinarian, followed by a 5-minute reel of viral cat videos that were uploaded to YouTube by other users. The partner obtained a commercial use license from the uploaders to use their cat videos on "Cat Chat." The "Cat Chat" host now wishes to use Content ID to monetize clips from the show. The partner should…
42 . A partner would like to organize its YouTube asset library into groups. Which feature would you recommend they use?
43 . How can the YouTube Copyright Center help you with copyright?
44 . Copyright protects original work. Which of the following is an example of a video that you may not be able to protect by copyright?
45 . If a Content ID claim is disputed, how much time does the claimant have to respond?
46 . A user disputes a claim, after which you review the video and decide it should be removed from YouTube for using your copyrighted content. What happens if you select “takedown” on this disputed claim?
47 . You notice someone has uploaded a video to YouTube that you own. What’s required if you wish to request a copyright takedown?
48 . One of my favorite artists passes away and I want to upload her song in a tribute video. What should I consider first?
49 . A user disputes a claim, because the matched segment actually comes from public domain footage. What happens when you select "Release and Exclude" on this disputed claim?
50 . What is a translation of an existing work considered?

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