1 . Siona's goal is to capture a minimum number of impressions for her Google Ads campaign. What bidding strategy should she use?
2 . If visibility is the primary goal, which bidding strategy is most effective for an advertiser?
3 . An account executive wants to extend reach with Google Display ads. Which preference aligns with her decision?
4 . What's a benefit of Display campaigns for a home improvement retail marketer?
5 . In Display campaigns, what can a user input?
6 . A home improvement retail marketer is using a Display campaign to build out his ads. What’s a benefit that Display campaigns can give him?
7 . Display campaigns use full automation to optimize and automate nearly all aspects of the campaigns. Users only have to provide a few inputs. What can a user input in a Display campaign?
8 . What is a key benefit of Display campaigns?
9 . Marco wants to address affordability concerns on Google Ads. What can he explain?
10 . A small pastry business is creating ads within their Display campaign. What are the two main ad formats used in a Display campaign?
11 . An advertiser wants to generate conversions through Google Display ads but relies on the campaign's help for setting bids. Which two bidding strategies can they choose from?
12 . A retailer selling antiques wants to create a Display campaign. What are two of the three inputs they must supply?
13 . A marketing director of a large team is looking to reach an audience at scale through Display campaigns. How might Display campaign reporting help with this objective?
14 . An advertiser has seen a lot of success with Google Search and wants to create a Display campaign with minimal effort. What kind of targeting should they use?
15 . A marketing director wants to gain exposure for a new product line through a Display campaign. How could she achieve this goal?
16 . An agency is interested in using automation to manage Google Display campaigns more effectively. What's one automation model that Display campaigns provide?
17 . An advertiser wants to use a Display campaign to automatically create ads due to time constraints. Which two building blocks must they supply for automated ad creation?
18 . Marta's Display campaign has exceeded expectations, but she can't increase spending. How would Performance Planner help her situation?
19 . What's an advantage of Responsive Display Ads?
20 . A small business uses Google Display ads for relevant advertising. Where do Google Display ads connect with valuable audiences?
21 . Match the benefit of each ad type to the appropriate ad format option.
22 . Kevin wants to save time designing ad creatives. Which Display ad format could he use?
23 . What can a user input in a Smart Display Campaign?
24 . Gavin wants to connect with users who previously viewed pages on his website. Which option serves his goal?
25 . Mary is deciding between a Standard Display Campaign and a Smart Display Campaign. Why would she choose Standard Display Campaigns?
26 . How does Google Display Ads grow marketing results for advertisers?
27 . What type of automated bidding strategy would be ideal for a client valuing all conversion actions equally?
28 . Of the ad formats on the Google Display Network, which one adjusts its presentation to fit available space?
29 . What are the two types of uploaded ads?
30 . Which marketing goal can you achieve by using automated bidding?
31 . Jacob's offline store relies on metrics like store visits. Which campaign type can help him achieve offline business objectives?
32 . Ingrid wants exposure for a new product line. How will a Display campaign achieve her goal?
33 . Three core principles of Google Ads: Relevance, Google Ads connects businesses with the right people at the right time. What are the other principles?
34 . How might Smart Display campaign reporting help Emmy?
35 . What type of automated bidding strategy will meet the marketer's needs for a specific return on ad spend?
36 . What’s an advantage of the reach of Responsive Display Ads?
37 . Which type of automated bidding strategy is enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC)?
38 . Why should campaigns with different marketing objectives be separated into different Performance Planner plans?
39 . Which feature of Google Display Ads will help Brian achieve his business objectives for his bicycle replacement parts company?
40 . Adam has a "Drive action" marketing objective. What are two relevant options he might use to reach his goal?
41 . What are two ways Google Ads can fuel your business goals?
42 . Why should Maria use the Performance Planner on a monthly basis?
43 . Which option will help Robert influence customer consideration for his sporting goods website?
44 . How will creating a Display Ads campaign allow Bill to reach his goal of engaging valuable, relevant audiences?
45 . Brian’s desired audience isn’t covered by the segments In-Market audiences offers. What’s another suitable option Brian could choose to help him influence potential customer consideration?
46 . Which Google Display ad targeting option can help Amy with her goal of creating awareness within her niche market for her goldfish training materials brand?
47 . Which automated bidding strategy should Jasmine, the director of marketing for a chain of clothing stores, use to drive as many potential customers to her website as possible with a set budget?
48 . What does Performance Planner automatically do?
49 . Which factors should an advertiser consider when deciding on a bidding strategy?
50 . Which targeting options are a good fit for Amanda’s "Influence consideration" campaign objective for her Google Display Ads?

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