Hubspot SEO II

Hubspot SEO II


 Hubspot SEO II


1 . 1. Liam is an SEO specialist at an advertising agency. He believes that he can improve the company’s search performance by creating a blog series and pillar page. However, the CEO has been hesitant to sign off because content creation takes a lot of time and she isn’t sure they’ll see the ROI. How can Liam convince the CEO that this is a worthwhile investment?
2 . 2. Select all that apply. Which of the following strategies help you communicate the value of SEO to stakeholders?
3 . 3. Why is it important to keep track of trends and updates in your business’ niche?
4 . 4. What is an SEO competitive analysis?
5 . 5. Select all that apply. What are the goals you want to achieve through an SEO competitive analysis?
6 . 6. True or false? Your business competitors are not always the same as your SEO competitors.
7 . 7. What are keyword gaps?
8 . 8. Select all that apply. Why is it important to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website and your competitors’ sites?
9 . 9. True or false? When performing an SEO competitive analysis, you do not need to analyze your site on a page-by-page basis.
10 . 10. What would you be tracking in a goal completion report in Google Analytics?
11 . 11. What is the best timeframe to report on content to lead generation?
12 . 12. Select all that apply. Which of the following metrics should be included in a content quality report?
13 . 13. Which type of report will show you what brought people to a particular page?
14 . 14. Greta is an SEO professional working for a large law firm. She is gathering her monthly reports on their website performance, and her manager has asked that she focus on demonstrating how SEO is contributing to the business’ bottom line. What type of report should Greta pull in order to best show the ROI of SEO?
15 . 15. Select all that apply. Which of the following are examples of site moves with URL changes?
16 . 16. Select all that apply. What are the advantages of migrating a large site in sections?
17 . 17. What are the proper use cases for 301 and 302 redirects?
18 . 18. Jenny is in charge of creating the URL mapping file for her company’s website migration project. While working on it, she notices that there are many pages which have no corresponding page on the new site, because they have been either removed or consolidated. She isn’t sure what to do about these pages. What would you suggest Jenny do in this scenario?
19 . 19. True or false? It is best practice to avoid redirect chains by redirecting straight to a page’s final destination.
20 . 20. When is the best time to execute a site migration?
21 . 21. During which stage of a migration should you benchmark site performance metrics?
22 . 22. True or false? Moving a site from HTTP to HTTPS does not count as a site migration.
23 . 23. Select all that apply. Which of the following status codes should you focus on resolving during a technical SEO audit?
24 . 24. Crawl budget is mainly a concern for which types of websites?
25 . 25. Select all that apply. Which of the following should you avoid to reduce a site’s crawl budget?
26 . 26. If a website has content added via JavaScript, what additional stage do search engines need to complete?
27 . 27. Blake is going through a technical SEO audit for his company’s website when he notices that several pages are taking 6 or more seconds to load. He knows this is too slow and he needs to speed them up, but isn’t sure how to identify what’s causing the slowdown or how to fix it. To get started, what should Blake look into?
28 . 28. What is the purpose of limiting HTTP requests?
29 . 29. Which of the following is NOT a strategy to limit HTTP requests?
30 . 30. Fill in the blank: ___ happens when the server saves the result of a single render and serves that same result when requested again.
31 . 31. True or false? Most elements of a website can be cached.
32 . 32. Which of the following is NOT a function of the robots.txt file?
33 . 33. Select all that apply. Which of the following are included in Google’s Page Experience update?
34 . 34. Claire is analyzing her website’s Core Web Vitals and notices that LCP is occurring at 10 seconds, which is much longer than what Google recommends. Which of the following elements could be contributing to slowing down Claire’s page?
35 . 35. True or false? Page experience is the primary ranking factor for Google, even more important than a page’s content.
36 . 36. What is Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)?
37 . 37. True or false? Cumulative Layout Shift is only measured on a page’s first load.
38 . 38. What is lazy loading?
39 . 39. Adding inline CSS dimensions to images, videos, and gifs helps improve which Core Web Vital?
40 . 40. What is the best practice for using website pop-ups in a user-friendly way?
41 . 41. Fill in the blanks: ___ and ___ form the foundation of technical SEO.
42 . 42. True or false? If you improve the speed at which individual pages load, you’ll improve your overall site speed.
43 . 43. Select all that apply. What are the main categories of site moves?
44 . 44. Fill in the blank: ___ occurs when a user quickly navigates back and forth between pages in search results.
45 . 45. Why is it important to keep track of Google algorithm updates?
46 . 46. What is the purpose of an image sprite?
47 . 47. True or false? You can minify code or compress it, but you cannot do both.
48 . 48. What is Google Page Experience?
49 . 49. What is the first step in any website migration project?
50 . 50. Fill in the blank: ___ happens when the server tells a web browser to keep the files it downloads, so it doesn’t have to download them again in the future.

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