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1 . You’re preparing a report on campaign metrics. Within Display & Video 360, where can you find information about the number of mobile views your ad has received?
2 . A furniture manufacturer is launching a new summer campaign for their latest outdoor furniture collection. They want to increase their sales by creating an immersive 3D format that uses their existing 3D furniture models. Which ad format should be used?
3 . You need to reach several specific audiences for the YouTube connected TV campaign that you're running for your client. Which audience types can you use?
4 . You're working in Display & Video 360 in preparation for a product launch. You want to discover publishers in the right type of business with space available for purchase on their website. Where can you find these publishers?
5 . A national bridal chain created a specific audience within Display & Video 360. This will be used in a campaign customized for wedding planners. They don't want this audience seeing the ad more than twice per month. Where should they set up frequency management?
6 . Which users would benefit from using Display & Video 360?
7 . How would the Intelligence Panel in Display & Video 360 prove valuable in a campaign?
8 . Which creative sizes are most commonly available for mobile in-app inventory in Display & Video 360?
9 . You're working for a pet supply business, and you need to measure how many clients who first saw your ad on a tablet ended up purchasing pet supplies from their laptop computers. What measurement type could you use?
10 . Your company is opening a new restaurant next month and is creating several 30-second videos to promote the grand opening. They want to determine which of the ads viewers watched to the end most often so they can prioritize showing that ad. Which video creative optimization type should you use to achieve this goal?
11 . You want to check your client's Brand Lift Study (BLS) in Display & Video 360 after recently launching a Programmatic Guaranteed deal for their new audio ads. You review the report and see the campaign spent the minimum BLS thresholds, but the campaign didn't receive significant results. What could be causing this issue?
12 . Your colleague is working on their first non-YouTube Connected TV campaign and wants to set up the campaign the right way. Which campaign setting requires modifications so the campaign can run properly?
13 . You're working on a bidding strategy for a health food store that wants to improve their campaign for shoppers who spend the most money and have the best transaction return on ad spend. Which strategy should you use?
14 . You're working with a national coffee shop chain that wants to use engaging creative formats for their new coffee campaign. Which of the following Google tools have templates that allow direct upload of creatives to Display & Video 360?
15 . During an analysis of your connected TV campaign within Display & Video 360 you want to see the total number of engaged users. Which report do you use?
16 . Your colleague is the highest bidder, at $15, in a fixed first-price auction for inventory across exchanges within Display & Video 360. What will your colleague be charged for the impressions?
17 . While working on a new campaign, you decide to optimize bids based on a single conversion type. Which bidding strategy do you use?
18 . What happens if an advertiser’s bid isn’t the highest in a private auction?
19 . You're launching a campaign for a national bakery chain that's opening next weekend. They're willing to pay extra to advertise on the homepage of various local news stations, but want the flexibility to back out if it rains on their opening day. Which deal type should they enter into with this publisher?
20 . When working on a non-guaranteed deal, in which situation would you recommend bidding 20% higher than the floor price?
21 . Your client is a sports retailer who's launching a new basketball sneaker. They want to track how many people visit their site after seeing the sneaker ad. Which Floodlight tag would provide this information?
22 . Which ad format requires the publisher to configure the ad creative to reflect the look and feel of their site?
23 . You want to manage frequency within your Programmatic Guaranteed deals across multiple publishers. At what level in your account settings should you set this up?
24 . How can you perform a bulk creatives upload in Display & Video 360?
25 . A car manufacturer that sponsors auto shows in five different cities wants to use city-specific ads. You need to select an ad format that will make sure your ad creative for each location is viewed in the correct city. What ad format could you use?
26 . You're entering a second-price auction for sports inventory. You're the highest bidder and bid $5.00. The second-highest bidder bids $4.00. As the auction winner, what will you pay for these impressions?
27 . You're running a campaign for your client's shapewear products. It includes many Programmatic Guaranteed deals that are frequency managed at the campaign level. While monitoring your deals in Display & Video 360, you notice one of these deals recently passed on 10,000 bid requests. How will this affect your campaign?
28 . A marketer wants to advertise a new spa package to people who have interacted with their last ad campaign. Which audience type should they select in Display & Video 360?
29 . You’re new to the concept of customizing attribution models and are just learning how the available options work.<br><br>Which statement accurately defines your options?
30 . Your client wants to focus on a specific media outlet to promote their new line of smart refrigerators. They also want to achieve a fixed number of impressions within the kitchen appliances section of the publisher's site. Which deal type fits their requirement?
31 . Your new colleague is working on a large outerwear campaign and wants to use structured data files (SDFs) to update some details. They ask you to check why they're getting an error message when they upload everything to Display & Video 360. Which setting is causing this error?
32 . An advertiser working in Display & Video 360 created a line item for their mobile web campaign and accidentally targeted mobile in-app. The mobile in-app targeting was quickly removed at the insertion order level, but the campaign continues to target mobile in-app. What is the issue here?
33 . A company is launching a campaign for a new gaming computer, aiming to reach teens and young adults between 13-26 years old. They'd like to understand their campaign exposure for that demographic by using a Display & Video 360 feature to see these metrics. Which feature should they use?
34 . As a marketer, you need to set up universal brand controls in Display & Video 360 to ensure that everything aligns with your company's brand guidelines. Within the account hierarchy, what's the highest level that you should choose?
35 . Your client created several native video ads to promote their new musical. Which line item type should you use for this campaign?
36 . You're setting up a Programmatic Guaranteed deal that must include YouTube video ads and a campaign activity audience list. You're unable to add to add the campaign activity audience to the campaign. What may be causing this error?
37 . For what purpose would you want to use data-driven creatives with dynamic rules?
38 . Your outerwear company recently launched a Programmatic Guaranteed deal. The campaign was set to go live this morning, but when monitoring Display & Video 360 you observe that no impressions ran and no spend was recorded. You decide to use the Deal Troubleshooter to figure out what the problem is.<br><br>What's the first step you should take?
39 . Which statement correctly describes the difference between blocklists and sensitive categories?
40 . You work for a music production company and are creating a new audio ad campaign for an album release. You're having an issue with the campaign and need to identify the cause. What could the potential issue be?
41 . Your company is launching several new video game modules, with a separate display ad for each console. Management wants to make sure the ad leading to the most purchases shows more often than the ads not performing as well. To achieve this goal, which type of display creative optimization would you use?
42 . You're setting up a Connected TV campaign and are concerned about security. Which tools in your Connected TV campaign can help you protect your brand?
43 . In which scenario does it make sense to use Inventory Packages?
44 . You're reviewing impressions for a Programmatic Guaranteed deal that you launched last week and notice that it underdelivered. What should you do first to determine why it happened?
45 . When it comes to mobile in-app and mobile web inventory, which statement is true?
46 . You're preparing to evaluate the success of your recent campaign promoting a seasonal sale. You want to assign attribution credit across various touch points, such as clicks and impressions, but you want to give more credit to the touch points that happened closest to the time of conversion. Which attribution model would you use?
47 . Your colleague is having an issue with an audio ad campaign and asks you to help troubleshoot it. Which of the following would cause this issue?
48 . An athletic shoe company is preparing to launch a new campaign for the holidays featuring existing products and their newly designed running shoe. They'd like to create an immersive 3D format that uses existing 3D shoe models to better engage the consumer. Which ad format should they use?
49 . What's the definition of Display & Video 360 as a product?
50 . You work for an athletic shoe company that funds sporting events in four different countries. Your company wants to deliver country-specific ads that are viewed in the correct location. Which ad format would make sure that your ad creative for each country is viewed correctly?

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