1 . A marketing manager wants to use a Google Search Ads campaign to capture the consideration of customers who are searching online for camping equipment. What's a key benefit of a well-managed Google Search Ads campaign?
2 . Which three universal extensions should marketers use to enhance their ads?
3 . A company’s account strategist wants to use Google Ads to reach the maximum number of users who are searching for relevant terms related to the company. Which keyword match type would help the account strategist reach the most search queries that potential clients are using?
4 . A marketing associate creates their first Google Search campaign for a yoga school. They select the Google Search Network and, by default, Google Search partners. How will appearing on Google Search partners benefit the school?
5 . What’s a benefit of using the sitelink extension?
6 . A marketing manager wants to raise awareness of their brand and build campaigns that are focused on branded terms. Because they’re unable to devote a lot of time to daily bid management, the manager decides to use automated bidding. Which automated bidding strategy should the marketing manager use?
7 . Which criteria do Google Ads review to make sure that Search ads are compliant with Google’s advertising policies?
8 . A performance marketing manager wants to improve the performance of their Search campaign. They check the Google Ads recommendations page and notice that their campaign's optimization score is 22%. How should the manager interpret this score?
9 . An account planner is planning their company's online advertising budget on a monthly basis. They choose Google Ads Performance Planner for help accomplishing this task. Which two advantages does Performance Planner offer?
10 . What's a best practice for using ad extensions?
11 . Match each Search Audience solution with the benefit that it can bring to your campaigns.
12 . A water-sports company specializes in custom-made watercraft and accessories. The company's marketing manager uses the broad-match keyword "boat" and adds "paddle" as a negative keyword. Which two search queries will the ad be eligible to serve on? (Choose two.)
13 . A marketing manager with a fixed budget wants to drive as many customers as possible to their website. Which bidding strategy can meet the marketing manager's needs?
14 . A travel marketer wants to serve their ads only to potential customers who are specifically looking for all-inclusive vacation options in Paris. The marketer decides to use an exact-match keyword of "all-inclusive vacation Paris." Which search terms might match with this ad?
15 . What's a benefit of using Customer Match audience solutions?
16 . A growth marketing manager is developing the advertising strategy for a company's product launch in an increasingly competitive market. How can a Google Search campaign help with the company's product launch?
17 . An Account Strategist regularly reviews their company's optimization score in order to make sure that their Google Search campaign is as effective as possible. How is this optimization score calculated?
18 . Which recommendation is a best practice for effectively using Performance Planner?
19 . A performance marketer is setting up a Customer Match strategy in order to reach a list of prospective customers. Which user data source is the marketer eligible to use?
20 . What's a good use case to leverage Customer Match?
21 . Which two pieces of user data can you upload when creating a Customer Match strategy? (Choose two.)
22 . Why is creating three or more Search Ads per ad group a best practice?
23 . A marketing manager wants to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their campaign-management process. They're considering using automated bidding. How can automated bidding help the manager accomplish this goal?
24 . An account manager is creating their first Google Search Ad. They want to create an inviting and relevant ad to which potential customers will respond favorably. What are two ways that the account manager can create an ad that will motivate users to click on it? (Choose two.)
25 . A retailer wants to focus on selling their overstocked blue saucepans. The marketing manager decides to use broad match to set up keywords for the saucepans. What are two ways that broad match can make the manager's work easier? (Choose two.)
26 . An electronics company is launching a new voice-controlled television. The company's owners decide to use broad match in their Search Ads campaign with the keywords "voice-controlled television." How will broad match benefit the company's campaign?
27 . Which bidding strategy should an advertiser choose in order to meet a campaign goal of visibility?
28 . An avid skater wants to buy a new skateboard. They go to Google Search in order to research and purchase the best skateboard they can find. Which steps, in order, could the skater take to interact with Google Search Ads?
29 . Marisol manages the online advertising campaigns for a chain of toy stores with both a physical and an online presence. Which Google Ads campaign should Marisol use to show images of their products, advertise their company's online and local inventories of toys, and boost traffic to their website and local toy stores?
30 . Why is optimizing your ad rotation when setting up your ads recommended?
31 . Which ad extension is available only as a full automated ad extension?
32 . What's a best practice when writing a description for a Search Ad?
33 . What's a best practice when writing a headline for a Search Ad?
34 . A plumbing company prides itself on excellent customer service, especially during after-hours service calls. Its owners want to connect with people who need emergency plumbing services in the middle of the night. Which setting could help the owners achieve these goals?
35 . What's a best practice for effectively using Performance Planner?
36 . A performance marketer wants to drive as much purchase value as possible within a specific return on ad spend. Which type of automated bidding strategy should the marketer use?
37 . A performance marketing manager wants to improve their Google Search Ads campaign. On the Google Ads recommendations page, they see that their Google Search campaign has an optimization score of 75%. What does this mean?
38 . What are two best practices for creating ads? (Choose two.)
39 . A small-business owner wants to drive as many potential customers as possible to their website. The budget for their campaign is only $500 per month. Which type of automated bidding strategy best aligns to the owner's campaign goal?
40 . Your Google Search text ad has three main components. The first is a headline, and the second is a description. What’s the third component?
41 . Trina Is Considering Using Automated Bidding, As She’s Looking To Make Her Campaign Management Process More Efficient. What Are Three Ways That Automated Bidding Can Improve Efficiency?
42 . What is the minimum number of users a remarketing list must have before being used with a Remarketing List for Search Ads campaign?
43 . Lola is in the process of selecting a campaign type to suit her business objectives. Why is it important that she consider business objectives before choosing her campaign type?
44 . You manage marketing for a small business on a tight budget, yet you need to reach as many people as possible. How can Google Ads help?
45 . Which user type would the Google Ads system closely match as an Affinity audience?
46 . Karen has evaluated her Google Search Ads campaign's optimization score after noticing that the campaign's performance had slipped. The score is much lower than it was a month ago. She applies an optimization recommendation that surfaces in the Recommendations page. What will happen to her campaign's optimization score?
47 . Trina sells dolls and accessories, and doesn't have much time to update her Search campaigns with her ever-changing inventory. How can Dynamic Search Ads help Trina?
48 . Every ad contains a URL displaying your website address. You can add two optional path fields to the display URL in a text ad. What's an advantage of using these optional path fields?
49 . Which of the following goals can you achieve for your marketing campaign by using automated bidding?
50 . What's an example of an effective callout extension?

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