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Partner Demo


Partner Demo


1 . As a best practice, what should you always do when demoing marketing workflows? (Check all that apply)
2 . What are some good ways to make the SEO/Content Strategy tool easier to demo? (Check all that apply)
3 . True or False? It is recommended to always flag if you are demoing a tool from a different hub/subscription to that specified in the agenda.
4 . How does Service Hub fit into the HubSpot flywheel?
5 . Service Hub has a number of channels to allow users' customers to get help and submit tickets. Which one of these is not a natively-supported channel for handling service inquiries in Service Hub?
6 . Which of the following is not a good use case for Ticket workflows (automation)?
7 . Which of the following are ways that a Marketing Hub user could leverage data collected from Service Hub (check all that apply):
8 . What is the model that we should use for our demos?
9 . If a prospect has multiple sales processes, which of the following should we recommend?
10 . In terms of best practice, how should you always start a demo with a prospect?
11 . If a prospect is concerned with rep adoption of a new sales platform, which sales hub features might alleviate their concerns?
12 . When speaking to a prospect who is struggling with getting more leads, which tools should you focus on for your demo? (Check all that apply)
13 . What Marketing Hub edition includes brand domains?
14 . True or False? You have the ability to rotate leads to sales reps if you have only Marketing Hub Professional.
15 . What is one of the main value propositions for the Marketing Hub lists tool?
16 . The HubSpot software applies SEO tips to which of the following tools? (Choose all that apply)
17 . True or False? You will only be able to use HubSpot SEO planning and analytics tools if you use the HubSpot blogging tool and CMS.
18 . How many subdomains are included with Marketing Hub Professional?
19 . Which of the following are best practices that you should apply when designing a landing page? (Choose all that apply)
20 . What criteria can be used to personalize smart content? (Choose all that apply)
21 . What are some of the primary values of the reports dashboards? (Choose all that apply)
22 . True or False? With Marketing Hub Professional, you have the option to build your own custom reports, which can pull information from multiple objects in HubSpot.
23 . When should you gather your prospect’s GPCT (goals, plans, challenges and timelines)?
24 . Fill in the blank: An effective approach for a product demo is_____
25 . Why should you qualify the “Why” several times?
26 . On the contact record what information can be seen on the timeline?
27 . What factors can list segmentation be based on?
28 . Which of the following features are included in Marketing Hub Professional? (choose all that apply)
29 . True or false? Customers looking to integrate their ads accounts to HubSpot need to buy the ads add-on.
30 . True or False? The content strategy tool doesn’t work if your content is hosted on another CMS like WordPress.
31 . True or False? The HubSpot team will migrate your Wordpress blog posts for you during onboarding/implementation.
32 . Through HubSpot’s social tool you can publish to the following social networks (Check all that apply)
33 . Which Sales Hub edition is required to define your own deal stages in a sales pipeline?
34 . What information would you expect to learn by asking, "how are your marketing and sales teams set up?" (choose all that apply)
35 . A prospect tells you that they collect their website leads on a regular basis and manually pass them to sales reps. Which HubSpot features should you position to improve that experience?
36 . At which edition of Sales Hub do customers first get access to multiple sales pipelines?
37 . If your prospect tells you that they have four regional sales teams and they do not share leads across those teams, which features should we include in your demo?
38 . Playbooks can be used for which of the following? (choose all that apply)
39 . Playbooks can be used on which of the following record types? (choose all that apply)
40 . What are the 4 different packages within Sales Hub (Choose the right order, from low to high)?
41 . Where can you find an in-depth features overview for what's available at each level of Sales hub?
42 . The product catalog page shows which of the following: (choose all that apply)
43 . What object associations can you see on a deal record? (Hint: the right column) (choose all that apply)
44 . Where can I filter deals to view deals that are owned by a user?
45 . You have created your deal pipeline with several deal stages. You now want to set up an automatic notification for your sales rep when a deal moves to a particular stage. Where can you do this? (choose all that apply)
46 . What is the importance of presenting the prospects GPCT (Goals, Plans, Challenges, Timeline) at the start of a demo? (choose all that apply)
47 . Which of these sales tools are NOT included with the HubSpot and Gmail integration?
48 . Can multiple sales reps be added to the default contact owner property in HubSpot?
49 . From where in HubSpot can sales reps create tasks?
50 . Which of the following is not a benefit of snippets for sales teams?

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