1 . To describe enhanced conversions for leads, what would you say?
2 . How would a digital marketing consultant describe the Google tag to a new advertiser?
3 . How would you describe attribution as it relates to the advertising industry?
4 . To determine how well your Google Ads account is set to perform, what estimate would you use?
5 . A marketing manager set up conversion tracking and wants to add a column for conversion value per cost. How is that calculated?
6 . In what way are incrementality experiments different from A/B experiments?
7 . You’re using Google Analytics 4. What would it call interactions on a website or an app?
8 . How does experimentation contribute to a best-in-class measurement approach?
9 . How can an advertiser set up enhanced conversions for web?
10 . If you’re analyzing the conversion data of your Search Ads campaign in Google Ads in order to see how changes in the attribution model might impact conversion reporting, what report would you use to get that information?
11 . Enhanced conversions for leads can be described in which way?
12 . Why might you want to import Google Analytics conversions to Google Ads?
13 . Advertisers can benefit from the power of Google’s AI in what way?
14 . If you need to pick the two types of optimization, which ones would you choose?
15 . To describe Google Tag Manager, what two capabilities would you choose?
16 . What keyword match type gives Smart Bidding the most data and flexibility to compete in the right auctions?
17 . Which of the following describes the criteria for store visits conversion tracking?
18 . Why might there be a difference in the conversion date between Google Ads and Google Analytics?
19 . What’s the definition of a tag, as it pertains to digital advertising?
20 . In terms of advertising, what’s attribution?
21 . What are three factors that influence conversion volume, along with conversion delay?
22 . What’s the correct way to set up enhanced conversions for web?
23 . A potential customer is expressing interest in buying a new car. How would you know if this customer is in the awareness stage of their car-buying journey?
24 . Incrementality experiments differ from A/B experiments in what way?
25 . Which of the following is an estimate of how well your Google Ads account is set to perform?
26 . To implement sitewide tagging, what do you have to do?
27 . You want to advertise your website with Google Ads, and you’re thinking of using one of Google’s Smart Bidding strategies. Which of the following is a Smart Bidding strategy?
28 . What does it mean when ad campaigns are optimized by Google’s AI?
29 . Maximize Conversion can be described in which of the following ways?
30 . How would you describe the process by which data-driven attribution works?
31 . A marketing manager is closely monitoring their data to see how effectively their ads are driving online sales and generating leads through sign-ups. When the marketing manager compares Google Ads data with their offline data, they see a difference in the number of sign-ups in Google Ads vs. their offline data source. Assuming everything is working as intended and the issue lies with when a conversion was counted, what’s likely causing this data discrepancy?
32 . A marketer added a conversion tracking tag to a landing page on their company’s website. When analyzing purchasing data, they found duplicate conversions. How can the marketer remove duplicate conversions from their conversion count?
33 . How would you describe a campaign that fell short of its target goal?
34 . A marketer wants to analyze the return on investment (ROI) for media. Besides attribution, what method should they use?
35 . After implementing conversion tracking for their website, a marketing manager is looking at the campaign report in their Google Ads account. They see that at least two of their ads got over 100 view-through conversions. What action could be called a view-through conversion?
36 . To learn how often an ad click or other ad interaction leads to a conversion, on average, what metric would you use?
37 . You’re an advertiser at a large agency, and you want to know how marketing mix models work. Which of the following descriptions explains what marketing mix models do?
38 . What platform uses event-based data instead of session-based data?
39 . Which of the following is the first step in setting up conversion tracking?
40 . If you’re a digital marketing consultant, how would you describe the Google tag to your new advertiser?
41 . A marketing analyst is analyzing the conversion data of their Search Ads campaign in Google Ads. They want to see how changes to their attribution model might impact conversion reporting. What report will provide them with that information?
42 . In what two ways can the Recommendations page in your Google Ads account help with campaign performance?
43 . How should marketers evaluate their campaigns?
44 . A business owner is getting a good amount of traffic from their ads but not enough conversions. What action can they take to improve their conversion rate?
45 . A marketing manager wants to implement the enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC) bidding strategy. How might their agency describe this strategy?
46 . For what reason might an advertiser opt to use enhanced conversions for leads?
47 . In what way do view-through conversions get counted?
48 . Which of the following terms can be used to describe the amount of times a unique user will see an ad over a certain time period?
49 . Enhanced conversions for web can benefit a marketing strategist in what way?
50 . How would you describe the target ROAS bidding strategy?

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