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1 . There are many benefits to having a social media strategy. Which answer is NOT one of them?
2 . On which social network should you share content most frequently?
3 . Which KPI is most likely to be a vanity metric?
4 . Which of these KPIs demonstrate engagement? Choose all that apply.
5 . Why would you want a service to help you manage and discover influence?
6 . True or false? The best way to choose the right social media tool is to think about your business goals, then narrow down your choices based on that goal criteria.
7 . What do senior leaders care about when it comes to your social media plan? Choose all that apply.
8 . True or False? In social media, a service level agreement (SLA) refers to how much time passes between when a customer reaches out and when the company responds.
9 . What is the biggest challenge that most social media practitioners have?
10 . True or False? The Holistic model is the most common social team structure used by organizations today.
11 . Which of the below is not one of the five types of social media models?
12 . Why do stakeholders matter as you begin to develop your team structure?
13 . How can social media listening increase customer advocacy?
14 . When it comes to social listening, how do you know which social networks to start with?
15 . True or false? Social listening can help you find leads.
16 . Why should you be careful about monitoring competitors?
17 . How can social media monitoring inform your sales and product teams?
18 . Why do you need to develop a business case for a new social monitoring technology?
19 . What should you do if your competitor has a big public blunder?
20 . True or false? Social media helps people feel INFORMED by helping them learn new things, stay up to date on topics that matter to them, and discover new ideas and trends.
21 . True or false? Content is only used during the attract and delight stages of the inbound methodology.
22 . Why are hashtags helpful?
23 . When developing your brand’s tone, is key.
24 . True or false? Jumping onto an unrelated hashtag to promote your material is spammy.
25 . Visual images are usually things like . Choose all that apply.
26 . Which of the following is NOT an example of active language you should use on a call-to-action?
27 . What is the main benefit of using animated GIFs in social content?
28 . “Real-time marketing” refers to:
29 . Let’s say you conduct a content audit on your competitors and see that they’re having success with live video, but you haven’t really tried live video yet. What might you do?
30 . True or false? You should make sure experimentation is ingrained in your strategic plan.
31 . True or false? Humanizing your brand gives you a competitive edge because people like making connections, and they like to invest their time and money in people they can relate to.
32 . True or false? 12% of people generate 70% of the impact online.
33 . True or false? Commissions for celebrity influencers are generally 5% of the sale.
34 . Which type of influencer might be primarily behind the scenes in your marketing campaign?
35 . What is NOT a way that a brand can see financial gain from doing social customer service?
36 . True or false? A channel takeover, such as letting an influencer run your Instagram or Twitter handle for a day, is a good idea for brands.
37 . Why should you trust the influencer and give them creative license?
38 . True or false? When you use language in your social responses that is too casual, you lose the respect of your audience.
39 . True or false? Your campaign should also help the influencer build authority and further their own content or reach.
40 . True or false? It’s not a good policy to delete all negative comments.
41 . Why is user-generated content (UGC) so important? Choose all that apply.
42 . True or false? “Earned” media is exposure your brand has paid for, e.g., advertising or promotions.
43 . True or false? Canned messages are a quick and easy way to reach a wide audience in social media to find the right prospects.
44 . How much of the buyer’s journey is digital?
45 . Why is content moderation important for user-generated campaigns?
46 . Why should you talk directly with your social followers and prospects?
47 . True or false? Selling to prospects by messaging them on Facebook could be seen as invading their private space.
48 . True or false? One-to-one engagement doesn’t result in customers spending more.
49 . True or false? Asking for reviews is something you should never do in social media.
50 . Posting curated content on social shows your audience you’re committed to:

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