CMS for Marketers

CMS for Marketers


CMS for Marketers


1 . When deciding on naming conventions for your CMS assets, what do you need to make sure of?
2 . What happens when you clone a landing page in HubSpot?
3 . True or false? You can upload files in bulk into the HubSpot file manager.
4 . True or false? The HubSpot CMS includes a standard SSL certificate for your website.
5 . True or False? A website’s design is solely about looks.
6 . What are the five key characteristics of a good website user experience?
7 . Choose all that apply. Which methods can you use to research your user’s goals on your website?
8 . How can you take advantage of the mere-exposure effect on your website?
9 . On the website shown in this image, what could this business do to improve the user experience of their website?
10 . On the website shown in this image, what could this business do to improve the user experience of their website?
11 . True or False? In the HubSpot CMS, website pages and landing pages are the same thing.
12 . In the page editor in the HubSpot CMS, pages are organized by:
13 . In the HubSpot CMS, where do you go to change a page’s meta description?
14 . What is the primary purpose of a topic cluster content strategy?
15 . What can you add to a blog post to determine what content will show up on the short form version of that post on your blog’s homepage?
16 . True or False? You can add a featured image to your blog post which will appear in social media posts.
17 . Which tool in HubSpot helps you establish thought leadership in search engines using a topic cluster content strategy?
18 . How do you build relevance and authority for your website?
19 . Where in HubSpot can you go to improve the on-page SEO of a blog post?
20 . True or false? The recommended settings for canonical URLs are enabled by default in the HubSpot CMS and cannot be edited.
21 . What is the SEO purpose of adding links throughout your content?
22 . What is the purpose of a sitemap?
23 . What is the first question you should ask before you start gathering and analyzing data about your website?
24 . True or False? You can only use one type of smart rule per module.
25 . What tool can you use to segment your contacts database?
26 . Choose all that apply. Which of these tools are included for free with CMS Hub?
27 . True or False? Every page published in the CMS is created using a template.
28 . Where in the HubSpot CMS can you edit your website’s header and footer?
29 . Choose all that apply. What are the different types of templates in the HubSpot CMS?
30 . Fill in the blank: Theme modules are _____.
31 . Where can you view all of your downloaded templates and modules?
32 . True or False? Every page must be created using its own unique template.
33 . True or False? Your theme is your source of truth for your website’s design.
34 . True or False? You need to know CSS to make any style changes to your pages.
35 . The purpose of the Contents tab in the page editor is to:
36 . True or False? Once you remove a section, row, column, or module from your page you cannot undo it.
37 . What is the final step you should take before publishing a page?
38 . True or False? You should use a different theme for every page on your website.
39 . Where can you view data about an individual blog post’s performance in HubSpot?
40 . Which of these data points is not tracked on the Performance tab of a blog post?
41 . Choose all that apply. Which of the following should you add to your blog post to generate leads?
42 . The purpose of a robots.txt file is to:
43 . Fill in the blank. Backlinks are links _____ _.
44 . What is the most important thing you can do to ensure your content ranks highly in search engines?
45 . Fill in the blank. HubSpot analysis found that the ideal length for blog posts is ____ words.
46 . Which of these is not a recommended best practice for writing blog post titles?
47 . Why is it important to avoid unnatural repetition of words in your blog post title, meta description, and URL?
48 . Where can you find your website and traffic analytics reports in HubSpot?
49 . What is the first-touch attribution model?
50 . True or False? When building a contact attribution report, the metric you choose will be the information displayed on the y-axis.

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