Selling Sales Services

Selling Sales Services


Selling Sales Services


1 . Let’s say your estimated hourly cost is $30 per hour. Assuming an average utilization rate of 60%, what’s your adjusted hourly cost?
2 . True or false? CRM implementation services tend to be project-based work.
3 . True or false? Sales services should always be packaged as a retainer-based model.
4 . Let’s say your adjusted hourly cost is $60 per hour. Assuming an average overhead of 30%, what’s your effective hourly cost?
5 . Fill in the blank: A business typically doesn’t need sales services until it’s consistently ____________ .
6 . True or false? Sales organizations are generally more sensitive to price than other business functions.
7 . All of the following are considered recurring sales services EXCEPT:
8 . Your boss is insisting that every sales service should use a project model. What is a proper response?
9 . Which of the following is typically considered a non-recurring sales service?
10 . Which engagement model does the following statement describe? “This model has the advantage of tying together the whole revenue funnel, however, your clients will view your marketing and sales engagement as one entity.”
11 . True or false? It’s important to engage with the CEO, head of sales, or head of marketing when you’re selling sales services.
12 . True or false? All of your existing marketing clients are a good fit for sales services.
13 . True or false? When dealing with sales services, start with activities that won’t directly impact deals.
14 . When selling sales services, all of the following are tips to follow EXCEPT:
15 . Providing sales services benefits your agency in which of the following ways?
16 . True or false? With value-based pricing, you generally charge the same rate to all clients, regardless of perceived value.
17 . Fill in the blank: If your client’s sales reps are struggling to engage prospects and identify helpful content, you should offer _______ services.
18 . When offering sales services that include the HubSpot Sales tools, what type of clients should you look for?
19 . In order to qualify whether or not your client is a good fit for sales services, you should evaluate all of the following EXCEPT:
20 . Fill in the blank: When determining your client’s needs, you should understand whether the need is centered around _____________ .

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