Google Educator Level-1

Google Educator Level-1


Google Educator Level-1


1 . When creating a Google Classroom assignment, what options do you have?
2 . You manage multiple classes and clubs for your school and receive an overwhelming volume of emails from teachers, support staff, students, and parents. How can you use the search function in Gmail to locate emails more efficiently?
3 . To organize files in Drive, you can create folders to make files easier to find and share with others. Select all the ways that you can organize files into folders.
4 . To find folders in Google Drive, you can customize the color of the folders in ‘My Drive’, ‘Shared drives’, and shortcuts to folders.
5 . Students in your biology class sometimes struggle to understand biological processes, like digestion. What digital activities can help get students more involved in exploring a process?
6 . Which of the following are relevant uses for Google Forms in education?
7 . Teachers can create a To Do list or supplies list in a Google Doc using customized lists. Unlike bullets and numbering lists, with checklists you can:
8 . You have divided your class into groups to work on different geography projects. Each group will present their project to the class using Google Slides. What are some benefits of using Slides in group projects?
9 . Google Meet provides educators and students additional ways to communicate digitally, while collaborating in real time. Which Google tools allow you to present directly to Google Meet?
10 . When you type @ symbol in a Google Doc, a smart chip shows you recommended information you can add like:
11 . Students should use the right tools for each of their classroom tasks. Match the most appropriate Google tool for each task by moving the rows up and down.
12 . If you’re looking at a Google Sheet with other colleagues, you can create a filter view that only changes your view of the data. What are some actions you can take?
13 . You can add a video to a Google Slide presentation and customize how that video plays. Select all the video play options found in Google Slides.
14 . You have bookmarked a large number of webpages in Chrome while researching class topics. Unfortunately, you’ve bookmarked so many that you’re struggling to find relevant content quickly. What can you do within the Bookmark manager of Chrome to simplify and organize your list of bookmarks?
15 . You’d like to customize your Google Classroom class banner by uploading your own image. Drag and drop the options below to correspond with the steps for customizing your Google Classroom banner.
16 . In Google Classroom, all designated co-teachers for a class will be co-hosts in the Google Meet meeting. This will enable co-hosts to start the meeting with the same Meet link without the class teacher needing to be present.
17 . You can create Google Calendar events from your computer or device. Select all the ways you can create events.
18 . Integrating technology in the classroom can benefit a school in many ways, and for various groups of people. Match the benefits of a digital classroom with the pain points they overcome by moving the rows up and down.
19 . Teachers can share a link to invite students to their Google Classroom class, which makes joining a class much easier.
20 . Students can use lists to keep group projects organized, plan school club events, create homework tasks and more. Which of the following are list types students can use in Google Docs?
21 . You are editing a presentation in Google Slides and want to improve the appearance of the slides. What visual elements can you incorporate into you presentation to make it more visually appealing?
22 . A teacher would like to improve communication and discussion between teachers and support staff. What is the most appropriate tool to fulfill this need?
23 . Teachers can present their screens during a Google Meet in order to explain a process, show an instructional video, or present a lesson. Select all the options teachers can perform when presenting their screen.
24 . Your students are starting to think about their future careers and which digital skills they need to develop. Use drag and drop to separate digital skills from traditional ones.
25 . You can find all the Google Meet controls in the bottom bar of the meeting window. Which of the following is NOT a control in Google Meet?
26 . A teacher wants to create screencasts to differentiate instruction for her students. What can the teacher do?
27 . When responding to a Google Form, Quiz, or Quiz assignment in Classroom while signed into your Google account, your progress will automatically be saved as a draft. Which of the following statements are true about this feature?
28 . To find files in Google Drive, use search operators. Match the search operator to the results.
29 . Google Meet is available in Google Classroom, making it easier and more secure for teachers and students to come together. What are some of the features available?
30 . Why explain the importance of digital citizenship in a digital classroom?
31 . When editing a Google Calendar event, under ‘More actions’, what options do you have?
32 . You want to use Google Forms and Google Sheets to collect and track different aspects of your students’ work. Use drag and drop to show how you could use these Google tools effectively.
33 . Google Sites can be used by teachers for sharing class information with students and parents. Similarly, students can use Google Sites to showcase their work or create a blog. Select all the ways you can create a site.
34 . You can change the look and style of your website with the features of Google Sites. Select all the ways you can personalize your site.

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