1 . A(n) _______ outlines guidelines and best practices for employees to follow on social media.
2 . An ad for your upcoming webinar on network security should lead people directly to
3 . Which of the following would not contribute to ad fatigue?
4 . In what stage of the buyer’s journey would an advertisement for a free trial of your product be most appropriate?
5 . When should a salesperson put forth the sales pitch in social media?
6 . Do brands have legal ownership over content that users generate about their brand?
7 . What is social selling the inbound way?
8 . What is a Social Media Service Level Agreement (SLA)?
9 . Which of the below is NOT one of the three factors determining how an influencer can impact behavior?
10 . Voice refers to:
11 . If you don’t have your in mind as you’re developing content and social campaigns, then you probably aren’t using social as effectively as you could be.
12 . True or false? The longer your social posts, the more likely that content will be seen and re-shared.
13 . Fill in the blank: Instagram stories are a great way to .
14 . Why are UTM parameters so valuable to your social listening and monitoring program?
15 . True or False? You should revisit your KPIs every 18 months.
16 . What should you do to secure executive buy-in if you’re starting a social media project and don’t have a past campaign to use as a benchmark?
17 . True or false? Simon Sinek says that people want to buy what you have. They don’t care about what you believe.
18 . The stage focuses on creating message maps and listening protocols on social media.
19 . What’s the first step organizations and brands need to take when establishing a social media policy?
20 . True or False? To implement an effective social media strategy, you have to be aware of the legal challenges, not ethical ones.
21 . True or false? When measuring your social media ROI, you calculate the effectiveness of an action by dividing the net income by the cost of this action and multiplying it by 100.
22 . Which of the following social media expenses do you want to track so you can calculate ROI on your marketing campaigns? Choose all that apply.
23 . True or false? The world has changed and so has how we think about inbound, which is why advertising should be considered part of your marketing playbook.
24 . You’re starting a project and don’t have a past campaign to use as a benchmark. How can you secure executive buy-in?
25 . Which one of the below choices is NOT a reason you should be measuring your social media ROI?
26 . The number of leads you generate that actually become paying customers is known as your
27 . What is one of the major benefits of Facebook Lead Ads?
28 . True or false? It’s always better to target your ads towards as broad a group of people as possible.
29 . Fill in the blank: “Facebook Ads is great for targeting based on , while Google AdWords targets based on your audience’s .
30 . What is a social media audit?
31 . True or false? It’s necessary to conduct a social media audit every 2-3 years.
32 . Which of the following is NOT a type of influencer?
33 . Which one of the following is NOT a way that UGC can help marketers?
34 . What did fashion brand Burberry do to revolutionize how marketers use social media?
35 . True or false? If you’re posting the same content across different channels, make sure you post them simultaneously—on the same days and at the same times.
36 . What do we mean when we say you should post an “80/20 mix” on social media?
37 . Posting curated content on social shows your audience you’re committed to:
38 . True or false? Asking for reviews is something you should never do in social media.
39 . True or false? One-to-one engagement doesn’t result in customers spending more.
40 . True or false? Selling to prospects by messaging them on Facebook could be seen as invading their private space.
41 . Why should you talk directly with your social followers and prospects?
42 . Why is content moderation important for user-generated campaigns?
43 . How much of the buyer’s journey is digital?
44 . True or false? Canned messages are a quick and easy way to reach a wide audience in social media to find the right prospects.
45 . True or false? “Earned” media is exposure your brand has paid for, e.g., advertising or promotions.
46 . Why is user-generated content (UGC) so important? Choose all that apply.
47 . True or false? It’s not a good policy to delete all negative comments.
48 . True or false? Your campaign should also help the influencer build authority and further their own content or reach.
49 . True or false? When you use language in your social responses that is too casual, you lose the respect of your audience.
50 . Why should you trust the influencer and give them creative license?

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